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Small Group Intensive for Artists
An Intimate 4 Months of Mentorship, Feedback + Community 

The Small Group Intensive is for artists who want to focus on the development of their work and gain confidence in how they put that work out into the world.


The need to connect with peers is often the missing (and necessary) ingredient I see among students when it comes to understanding their work and who they are as an artist. It's nearly impossible to do that in a vacuum. 

We'll meet online, biweekly as a small group, max 6 artists per group. Everyone will get their time to present a question, topic, or work they'd like feedback/discussion around. On each call you'll have the chance to receive personal guidance from myself and reflections from the group. 


The format is similar to that of a crit group. Minus art-speak and pretension. Plus, room for discussion and support beyond just feedback on the work. Also, way more fun.


The loose structure:

  • First call of the month will center around discussion. Reflective questions and topics will be set out each month for you to consider. Or you're welcome to bring your own topic or question(s).

  •  Second call of the month will focus on giving and receiving feedback (in a friendly, non-art speak manner) on whatever you'd like: a work in progress, past work, new ideas, art writing, etc.

This program is perfect for: 

  • Taking your work to the next level 

  • Honing in on your style or next direction

  • Working out new concepts and ideas

  • Workshopping writing for your statement, website and/or social media

  • Accountability as you create a body of work

  • Making progress on the professional side of things: artwork sales, business planning, long-term career goals, developing income streams, etc.

  • Working through blocks, comparison, self-doubt or a period of stagnancy

  • Receiving mentorship and support on whatever else your grappling with in the realm of being an artist


This will be a space for both artwork development and business/career development. If you're just focused on one of those right now that's completely fine. For myself, I've found that dancing between both is part of the challenge, and that one area usually affects the other. Even if you don't sell your work, the making it and sharing it (in any capacity) tend to exist in a relationship with one another. This is a group where you'll be able to receive mentorship on both, or either front

This group is for artists at any stage who care about being intentional, honest and in integrity in both their work and professional practices. 

The Four-Month Program Includes:

8 Live Group Calls

During our calls each person will have their own “hot seat time” to share and receive feedback from the group and guidance from myself, or have discussion around their question or topic.

Calls will take place via Zoom and will be recorded so you can return to them. If your availability is such that you need to miss a call or two it's not a big deal.
You have the option to enroll in one of two groups (as space permits):

-Biweekly Mondays, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm PST, 4/8 - 7/15
-Biweekly Thursdays, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm PST, 4/11 - 7/25

*4th of July will be skipped and moved to July 11th

 Online Course Content

In addition to the calls, you'll receive access to my course The Art Biz Roadmap. Participating in the group program is currently the only way you can access this course, and I'm including it so you'll have all of the practical business info you could need in a format you can reference. It's four weeks worth of content and covers everything from websites and social media, to releasing collections and creating year-long income plans. If you're focusing on sales and marketing it'll be a huge asset. If not, I recommend saving it for later!

Optional add one 1-on-1 Sessions

I typically don't offer one-off 1-on-1 sessions, but while you're in this program you can schedule them any time, at a discounted rate of $100. A great option if you're wanting extra support or the spaciousness to go deeper into something specific.

Sm Group Apply
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Enrollment Information

Program Cost: Four monthly payments of $165 USD

Group capacity is 6 artists max. Spots will be alloted on a first come first serve basis.
Deadline to enroll is Wednesday, April 3rd or until spots fill.

Monday group begins together on 4/8
Thursday group begins together on 4/11


If you have any questions about the program or if it's right for you please, don't hesitate to reach out at

Words From Past Participants:

“I would totally recommend mentorship with Devon! She listens to your needs and desires and while giving you tips and tricks to reach your goals. She also challenges you in a positive manner! I thoroughly feel as though this was a smart and necessary investment to help get my business and art practice to the next level.”

-- Brittany Metka

"Devon creates a very safe, grounding space for artists to come together and support each other, learn from each other, talk about tricks and tools of the trade, learn logistics of the business process, but also dive into what could be blocking you from diving deeper."

-- Kendra Keenan

"After going through this program, I have moved past the more elementary problems (as I so lovingly call them) - such as insecurities. It seemed easier to get over these in a group setting as opposed to 1:1s. I feel like I'm ready to advance to a higher level with my business and put a little more faith into it (and myself). 

A group mentorship is an added bonus because you get to the benefit of being accountable for your fears and actions (or lack of action) and your problems are laid out for a group to see. This results in many different reactions from people of different backgrounds, and they all get to add their input into your issues. At the same time, you get to help them work through their problems. That makes you more conscious of your own struggles that you've been through in the past or will experience in the future."

-- Victoria 

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