Devon Walz is a mixed media artist, muralist and educator based in Southern California.


Her self-study of visual art began while earning a BA in Philosophy at UC Berkeley.  Known for her use of bright colors and otherworldly settings, the development of her work has been influenced by her interests in mysticism, ontology and psychedelia, her love of the natural world and her coastal upbringing.


Devon has worked with clients such as Vans, WorkWell and West Elm, collaborated on a variety design projects from album covers to planners, and her pieces are held by collectors around the globe. 


In addition to her studio practice she mentors other artists via her programs and workshops, and hosts conversations about the artist’s path on her podcast, ART + MAGIC.

photo by Ian Cabrera


My work depicts imagined, dreamlike worlds that explore idealism and nostalgia.


The building blocks of these places pull on elements from my childhood-- pink and purple colors, materials that sparkle, references to candy and 90's imagery-- as well as what I associate with some sort of mystical "Great Beyond." I've noticed there's a lot of overlap here, between transcendence and innocence, and I'm fascinated by their seeming connection.

Placemaking serves as a way for me to understand my adolescence experiences, in which there was trauma, but also a strong connection to magic and wonder. By setting the scene in an inter-dimensional safehaven I'm able to do this at a distance that's soothing to my past self.  As such, these places are set up quite differently than our physical world. Compositions are suspended within an atmosphere that is elsewhere, the terrain is alive with it's own intelligence and agenda, and shapes (characters) are often caught in the midst of a metamorphosis- not quite one thing or another yet.

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