Devon Walz is a fine artist, muralist, educator and dreamer based in Southern California.


Her self-study of visual art began while pursing a degree in Philosophy at UC Berkeley, and continued during her travels through 13 countries and long stretches of time spent among California's coasts, mountains and forests.


Her early affinity with spirituality and healing is her greatest influence. In her paintings she aims to capture an otherworldly place where energy, emotion and form collide.

She loves to transform spaces with colors and shapes, and push boundaries by working with odd materials, in extreme sizes or within unconventional structures.


Devon's work has been licensed for companies big and small, like West Elm, used in collaboration for album covers and planner designs, and is held by collectors around the globe. Outside of her own art practice, guides other artists in achieving their highest expression, both on and off the canvas, through courses, workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship. 

 "My aim is to create an atmosphere that feels both familiar and foreign.  Something magical that we recognize, but that's beyond our physical experience.  Each piece is a world in and of itself, seeking to communicate being and essence rather than direct meaning. "

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