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Devon Walz (b. 1991)  is a mixed media artist based in Santa Ana, CA. Primarily a painter, she incorporates a variety of techniques and media in her work: acrylic, oil, spray paint, airbrushing, and craft-based materials such as glitter and vinyl. More recently, she’s expanded her practice to include sculpture.

Her self-study of visual art began while earning a BA in Philosophy at UC Berkeley.  Known for her use of high-key colors, nostalgic elements and otherworldly settings, the development of her work has been influenced by her growing interests in psychology and world-building, as well as growing up female amid 90s culture.

Devon has exhibited her work throughout California, worked with clients such as Vans, Starburst and Disney, been commissioned for album covers, painted murals, both locally and in the South, and her pieces are held by collectors around the globe. 

In addition to her studio practice, since 2017 she’s worked with artists, both individually and via workshops, on developing substance and uniqueness in their work, and hosts a podcast, Art + Magic, that serves as an educational resource for fellow working artists.


photo by Ian Cabrera


There’s a part of me that feels held hostage by my adolescent experiences, and another part that craves a return to innocence. The tension between these two is the arranging force behind the surreal world depicted in my work.

By way of girly color palettes, craft- based materials, and references to my 90’s childhood, I aim to create a safe and playful space in which I can deconstruct my past traumas and challenging psychological states. Compositions in my work are highly intentional and placing elements “perfectly” is important to me; an effort to get it right this time. I work primarily in acrylic and oil, but incorporate a wide range of techniques and materials such as airbrushing, spray paint, piping, glitter and vinyl, allowing for the wide range of qualities I believe to be important in a dreamland.

In my recent work, I’ve been exploring the theme of freedom versus imprisonment through the lens of individual rooms, where larger mythology, often told via symbols, has been developing.  Chains tend to double as “ropes,” serving as symbols of both confinement and hope. Portals and windows offer the possibility of escape, but the bars on the windows beg the question: are we trapped here, or choosing to stay?

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