Devon Walz is a mixed media artist, muralist and educator based in Southern California.


Her self-study of visual art began while earning a BA in Philosophy at UC Berkeley.  Known for her use of bright colors and otherworldly settings, the development of her work has been influenced by her interests in mysticism, ontology and psychedelia, her love of the natural world and her coastal upbringing.


Devon has worked with clients such as Vans, WorkWell and West Elm, collaborated on a variety design projects from album covers to planners, and her pieces are held by collectors around the globe. 


In addition to her studio practice she mentors other artists via her programs and workshops, and hosts conversations about the artist’s path on her podcast, ART + MAGIC.


photo by Ian Cabrera


I create mixed media paintings of imagined, etheric worlds. Drawing on traditions of geometric abstraction, abstract impressionism, surrealism, psychedelia and symbolism, I aim to push these worlds as far outside of our reality as possible, while holding on to the nostalgic.


These places serve both as idyllic safe havens, and a way for me to deconstruct my adolescent experiences, past traumas and psychological states. I’m often playing with how to create somewhere that is as magical as can be, yet tells stories ranging from the curious to the painful. To do so, I lean on elements from my childhood:  girly color palettes, craft based materials, candy I loved, and games and cartoons from the 90’s.  Compositions are highly intentional and placing elements “perfectly” is important to me; an effort to get it right this time. I like to let the terrain itself be the main character: alive with its own intelligence and agenda, shapes often caught in the midst of metamorphosis-- not quite one thing or another yet.

I work primarily in acrylic while also incorporating a wide range of techniques and materials such as airbrushing, spray paint, piping, oil paint, glitter and vinyl, allowing for the wide range of qualities I believe to be important in a dreamland.

My most recent work is concerned how we move through time and make choices, and the dance between states of transition v. periods of purgatory or seeming imprisonment. Scenes have taken the form of different “rooms” or containers with options for change and movement (such as a threshold, window or portal), and chains and keys hidden about: placeholders for that which may either bind us or set us free. 

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