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Hey, Artists and Makers..

are you ready to sell your work online like a pro so you can make money doing what you LOVE?

If you feel...

Overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to creative business (there's so much information out there!),

Lost as to how the find the right buyers for your work,


Doubtful you'll be seen among the sea of amazing artists online,

Or if you find yourself hoping that-- if you just create good enough work -- the sales will magically find their way to your front door

....then keep reading.



I see WAY too many talented creatives only doing a fraction as well as they could be (or not selling or sharing their work at all) because they're daunted by the online world and overwhelmed with all the information out there on how to run a sustainable business. 

Here's the thing:


You NEED a proper strategy for showcasing and selling your work (i.e. a business!).


It allows your work to be seen in the professional way it deserves,

brings the right audience and collectors your way

and makes you available for exciting opportunities + new creative growth.

The truth?


Putting this kind of business in motion DOESN'T have to be super complicated, stressful or time consuming.

It needs to be strategic and intentional.

And it needs to match YOU as an artist.

But trying to figure out the best ways to sell your work online can take up a TON of time and energy (time that could be spent creating what you love!).

The shortcut? Learning from an artist who's DONE IT.

Who knows what works and what doesn't.

Who knows exactly how to build the community you're dreaming of and how to get your work out there in a way that's simple, easeful and leaves you more time to get busy in the studio.

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The Art Biz 


A Four Week Course in Selling Your Work Like a Pro + Building Your Business With Ease


In this 4 week course you'll learn how to strategically sell your work online and build a sustainable business doing what you love.


Not only will you get all the moving parts of your art business working together, but you'll learn how to set things up in a way that...

  • Gets your work in front of the right people-- those who love it and have to have it (and are happy to pay what it's worth)

  • Showcases your talent in the professional light it deserves to be seen in

  • Brings in opportunities you're crazy excited about

  • Helps you build COMMUNITY around what you do, both online and in person

No over-complications or sleazy marketing.

Just the exact action plan you need to set up shop, grow your reach, build relationships, and

bring in the sales to support your creative GROWTH. 


“Spending money on something intangible like a class is hard, but at the same time how can you put a price tag on confidence and knowledge? I learned practical things I can put into action TODAY to develop and grow my art business... I loved working with Devon and learned so much!”

-- L.S.

 The Art Biz Roadmap 

Enrollment is currently closed and reopen in 2020

What We'll Cover


  • Understanding where you fit and who your market is 

  • Your website: The essentials must-have components + how to have it best represent YOU

  • Creating your Instagram to SHINE: branding, content, your bio.. ALL the goods to get you followed and seen in the right way.

  • Setting up shop: the best ways to showcase + list your work 


  • Pricing: my exact formula for finding the RIGHT numbers (no more intuitive prices!)

  • Photographing

  • Packing + Shipping guides

  • All about how to create + sell prints


  • How to build and grow your email list (methods and strategies that WORK)

  • Keeping your audience engaged + building a relationship with them

  • How to send emails people can't WAIT to open 


  • Releasing collections + creating buzz (from content creation, to marketing schedules, to the official release!)

  • Strategies for building your online audience (+converting them into buyers!)

  • Using the internet to cultivate in-person community + opportunities

  • How creating consistent content without burning out





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“I would definitely would recommend working with Devon. It was totally worth it. The progress I made in such a short amount of time was priceless.  I’m now more confident in myself as an artist and have a clearer direction as to where I want to take my creative journey. "

--Raquel Fuentes


How does the class work and what if I can't keep up?

The content will be released week by week, giving you a chance to digest the information since each week will build on the last one. That being said-- it's also self-paced! You can take as much time as you need to work through it and you get lifetime access! So there's no rush.

I don't have a "business" and have yet to sell any work. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! This is the exact information you need to get started selling your work (I WISH I would've had this information in such a clear format when I started). You'll learn all the essentials to setting your business up for success. [PS-- selling your art IS a business, even though I understand why it might feel uncomfortable to think of it this way. We'll talk more about that!]

I've been selling my work for awhile and feel established. Is this for me?


If you've been selling, but you feel adrift without a plan and a strategy in place for sustainable growth and sales-- this is DEFINITELY for you. Having this will make you feel that much more secure in your business and free to focus on creating. Even with some biz experience under your belt this course will be a powerful additive.


How does the course work?

Starting on August 26th, the course material will be released week by week in the form of pre-recorded video content, PDF guides, and written classes. Information on how to access each week will be sent out via email on Mondays. Twice during the course you'll be invited send in any questions you might have and a recording of all Q+A's will be sent out to students afterward.

How long do I have to access the course?

When you purchase The Art Biz Roadmap you get access for life!

What is your refund policy?I


offer a money back guarantee. If the course does not meet your expectations, I'm happy to offer a full refund up until after the first week of class given you show that you've put the work in.

Dilliusioned, 8 x 8 in.jpg

"Working with Devon feels like having the sweetest big art sister by your side.

I've learned to look at finances with more clarity and less overwhelm, and find solutions while there's still time. I feel a lot healthier and more peaceful in my relationship with money.


I have never felt safer to dig deeply into what is true for ME and create life (and art) from this place."

--Ruth Krijah

 The Art Biz Roadmap 

Enrollment is currently closed and reopen in 2020

About Your Guide

Hi there! I'm Devon. Fine artist, educator, creative guide and beloved student of the creative process.

I've lead 10+ courses, workshops, mentorship programs and online experiences on the technical, business related and soulful aspects of making art and have been guiding artists toward achieving their highest expression (both on and off the canvas) since 2017.

I see making art as a teacher, healer and liberator and my mission is to guide artists in making their most powerful creative leaps, while finding new pieces of themselves along the way.

I'm here to offer you the tools, practices, encouragement and guidance along the journey of freeing yourself through art. To guide you toward creating the work you were meant to create.  

It's my absolute honor to be your guide on this journey and I can't wait to share this work with you.


 The Art Biz Roadmap 

Enrollment is currently closed and reopen in 2020

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