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1:1 Mentorship 


Developing as an artist requires you to keep going when you want to hide.
To commit to your ideas when you're terrified they'll fail.
And to discern what steps forward are most suitable for you as a creator.


Maybe you….

...Want to create work that is unique, cohesive and meaningful, but you feel scattered or overwhelmed.

How do you focus in on a direction?

How do your find your style without boxing yourself in?

How do you even figure out what YOU really is?

...Don't see yourself in your true artistic light. The comparison, the perfectionism, the resistance-- it's stopping you before you start.

...Are lost as to which steps to take in your career. There's no cookie cutter template to follow when it comes to being an artist. So how do you know where you focus your attention? Not to mention, how to make sales and support your practice?

...Or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it. Your draw to being an artist is telling you that you're one of these people, too! But the path from here to there is intimidating and unclear.

Often times, the gap between where you want to be, the kind of practice you want to have and the work you want to be making can be made a lot smaller by receiving guidance and support.

In this 14 week 1-1 mentorship program, you and I will dive deep into uncovering the kind artwork you want make and work out the practical kinks in regards to your goals.


Mentorship with Devon feels like having the sweetest big art sister by your side.


I have never felt safer to dig deeply into what is true for ME and create life (and art) from this place. 

I've learned to look at finances with more clarity and less overwhelm, and find solutions while there's still time. I'm so glad we could always talk about this. I feel a lot healthier and more peaceful in my relationship with finances.

One of the absolute highlights if I do have to pick one was the plan we made on how to launch commissions. I can't remember ever having stuck to a plan that I made, but this one was so easy and effective!


When I look back over those three months, I can't believe it was just one quarter--the progress I made sounds more like the work of five years!


--Ruth Krijah


This program is for artists at any stage.
Maybe you've been painting for a couple years and are ready for the next levels: strengthening, being intentional, finding your voice and building a body of work you're proud of.
Maybe you've got the art on lock, but you want to get your work out there in a bigger way, organize your income streams, and be more proactive in your career.


Or maybe you just discovered this art thing and are in dire need of confidence and a sense of direction.

These 14 weeks together will look totally different for everyone. Our time a will be tailored to you and there's no such thing as being " too beginner" when it comes to getting support.


I would definitely would recommend Devon’s mentorship. It was totally worth it. The progress I made in such a short amount of time was priceless. 

My biggest fear before signing up was the investment of money and whether or not it would be helpful since it wasn’t in person. I can say that I have never met Devon in person, but it feels like I have. 


 She is so receptive, a great listener, definitely has a special ability to always bring you into the present moment, capture your struggles and ideas, and always “get you”. 

Devon was someone that would always capture my thoughts and ramblings, and come up with a plan that would help me to keep moving forward in my journey. 


I’m now more confident in myself as an artist and have a clearer direction as to where I want to take my creative journey. 

--Raquel Fuentes

Things we might work on together...

  • Finding what's really you in your work: your style, your voice and the themes that are meaningful to you.

  • Narrowing down an overwhelm of styles or mediums, and creating cohesion in your work

  • Figuring out where your work best fits, and creating a plan to generate opportunities and sales.

  • Strengthening the content in your work

  • Developing a new body of work, creating a show and/or building your portfolio

  • Getting your website and social media in shape

  • Creating a plan around your income streams and spiffing up the business side of what you do (marketing, newsletters, growth, pricing, commissions, outreach, new release schedules-- all the good stuff)

  • Writing for your artist statement, applications and/or website. Or just practicing talking about your work in general.

  • Blocks, comparison, self-doubt or period of stagnancy (art and life and our personal struggles tend to overlap-- I'm here for all the things!)

  • Your studio practice: consistency, schedules, what to work on, habits, etc.

  • Whatever else you need support with right now. It'll likely be a combination of things that are unique to you and your work. And hey, if you don't even know what you need support with yet-- you're not alone. Often times we'll use the first couple meetings to figure out your goals, desires and what would be most helpful for us to work on together in the coming weeks.

The Details

What's Included:

  • Eight 60-minute Mentorship Sessions (bi-weekly over the course of 14 weeks)

  • Once-a-week Whatsapp support to ask questions and discuss things that might come up between meetings

  • Lifetime access to The Art Biz Roadmap and Confidence With Commissions courses, so you'll have all the practical info you'll need in one place, forever. 

  • You may choose to add on an in-person weekend in my studio in Southern California during our time together or at the end. If you're interested in this, we'll discuss details together.

Program Cost: 

Three automatic monthly payments of $500 USD

Four month payment option also available


Ready to work together?

To apply for 1-on-1 mentorship, fill out the application below. I'll reach out in the next few days to set up a short call where we'll make sure we're a good fit for each other, and answer any questions you might have.

Space is limited. I'm currently taking artists on a first come first serve basis, as I have availability.

Do you have the financial means to pay for this program?

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch soon.

About Devon

Devon Walz is a mixed media artist, muralist and educator based in Southern California.


Her self-study of visual art began while earning a BA in Philosophy at UC Berkeley in 2012.  Known for her use of bright colors and otherworldly settings, the development of her work has been influenced by her interests in mysticism, ontology, mental health, psychedelia and being a child of the 90's.


Devon has worked with clients such as Vans and WorkWell, collaborated on a variety design projects from album covers to planners, exhibited in traditional and alternative spaces throughout California, and has works held by collectors around the globe. 


In addition to her studio practice, she has a passion for education and mentorship. She's been running  courses and programs on both artwork development and business + career development since 2017, and hosts conversations about all things being an artist on her podcast, ART + MAGIC.

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