Something more than what you're currently accessing. Something totally and completely YOU.

But there’s something standing in between where you are now and that fully-embodied creative being you are meant to be.

Maybe you….

...Don't see yourself in your true artistic light. The comparison, the perfectionism, the resistance-- it's stopping you before you start. You doubt your own genius. You don't know which moves to make. And it all holds you back from creating your best work.

...Want to find your unique voice, but you feel lost and overwhelmed.

How do you know what to focus on?

How do your find your style without boxing yourself in?

How do you infuse your work with YOU, or even figure out what YOU really is?

...Or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it. Your draw to the artist's life is telling you that you're one of these people, too! But the path from here to there is intimidating and unclear.


Developing as an artist

 is a non-linear, ever-evolving JOURNEY

filled with ups and downs. 

It requires you to show up when you want to hide.

To commit to your ideas when you're terrified they'll fail.

To say the least, walking the artist's path brings up your stuff.

(Perfectionism. Self-judgement. Fear. Lack of worth. Resistance. Yep, all of that.)

But the truth is this: right below the surface of all of that "stuff" is the CREATIVE ENERGY that will bring your art to life. Working WITH these areas is the key to your transformation (as an artist and a human).


Making a BIG leap in your art that people notice.

Feeling confident in your voice and proud of your unique work.

Beaming with purpose because you're creating consistently, making progress on the inward winding road that reveals more and more of your true self.

That is all within you and waiting for you.

But how do you bridge the gap between here and there?

That's where I come in.​​​​​​​






For three inspiring months, you and I will go on a journey together of uncovering the radiant artist you're meant to be.

I'll give you concrete feedback on your work and nudge you in the right direction.

I'll advise you on process and habits--how to loosen up and how to reign it in, when to commit and when to let go.

I'll show you how to evolve your style into an honest and recognizable one that expresses your truth.

But more than that, I'll help you identify WHO YOU ARE as an artist.

Where you can't yet fully see yourself, I'll be there to shine the light.

I'll hold loving, non-judgmental space for your insecurities, and help you unearth the fears you didn't even know were holding you back. We'll dive deep together in order to heal them.

I'll be the soundboard for your vulnerable ideas and your trusted confidant on those frustrating days where you just need to talk to someone who GETS IT.

By the end of our time together you'll have found new LIFE in your art, your process and in your Self that you didn't even know was possible.

Mentorship with Devon feels like having the sweetest big art sister by your side.


She listens and knows which threads to pull. She has the experience to let worries and concerns evaporate in 30 seconds, and she always roots for the joy and truth that lives within YOU. 


I have never felt safer to dig deeply into what is true for ME and create life (and art) from this place. 


When I look back over those three months, I can't believe it was just one quarter--the progress I made sounds more like the work of five years!


--Ruth Krijah

CREATIVE BREAKTHROUGH is for you if you....

  • Are tired of walking the artist's path alone. You recognize that trying to piece everything together yourself and carry the weight on your own is the long road. You're ready for support, feedback, guidance, accountability and to be truly SEEN.

  • Want to step more into your YOU-NESS in your art-- both in your style and in your overall approach. Your intention is to uncover YOUR truth and what will work best for who YOU are.

  • Enjoy diving deep into your process, your art and your being. This means your gifts, your shadows, your heart and everything in between. You can feel that doing so is essential work when it comes to stepping into the next level of your expression (this is not on-the-surface or quick fix stuff).

  • Want to KNOW, SEE and OWN your creative gifts--without apology--in a whole new way

  • Can feel that there's another level of freedom and power in your art that's waiting for you and you're ready to access it

This is for creatives in all phases of their journey.


Maybe you've been painting for a couple years and now you want your work to really stand out and speak to people. Or you want to move out of repetition and into a new direction that has meaning and energy.


Maybe you've been lusting after the IG feeds of other artists and want to be creating, too, but you can't seem to get started.

Maybe you're looking to find a way to USE your sensitivities and deep emotions in your work, and to navigate them with grace within the creative process.

These 3 months together are about undergoing  a transformation from where ever you are now to YOUR next highest artistic expression.

That will look very different for everyone, which is why our time together is tailored specifically to you.

“I would definitely would recommend Devon’s mentorship. It was totally worth it. The progress I made in such a short amount of time was priceless. 

My biggest fear before signing up was the investment of money and whether or not it would be helpful since it wasn’t in person. I can say that I have never met Devon in person, but it feels like I have. 


 She is so receptive, a great listener, definitely has a special ability to always bring you into the present moment, capture your struggles and ideas, and always “get you”. 

There are many coaches out there, but Devon was someone that would always capture my thoughts and ramblings, and come up with a plan that would help me to keep moving forward in my journey. 


I’m now more confident in myself as an artist and have a clearer direction as to where I want to take my creative journey. “

--Raquel Fuentes

Our Time Together

We'll start off with a deep diving session all about your current art practice (if you have one), the work you've done up until this point, what's currently going on for you (personally and creatively) and where you'd like to go.  We'll lay out what you're most needing in order to move forward and set up a trajectory for our time together. 

After that, we'll meet bi-weekly for 3 months for Breakthrough Sessions (by Zoom or phone).


Some weeks we might work through your fear around being seen, or get you more comfortable with taking risks and loosening up in your process.


Other weeks we might dig into concrete feedback on your work, lay out an organized plan for how to best explore a shift in direction, or look at what's really authentic in your work (and what it's time to let go of).


You'll often receive recommended practices and fun assignments for you to bring to your process, as well as other resources to support you.


Each session will be different, but they will always leave you confident in your next steps, clear on where you're headed and inspired to get making.

Our time together is about you discovering the magic that is already within and mastering how to bring it to the surface.


I'm here to hold space for that transformation, to support you in the process and provide you with loving guidance along the way.

You'll Receive a Total of...

  • One introductory deep diving 75-minute session where we look at your current work up until this point

  • Six 60-minute Breakthrough Sessions (bi-weekly over the course of 3 months)

  • Email and voice message support to ask questions throughout the weeks, and to receive support and feedback

  • You may choose to add on an in-person weekend immersion in my studio in Southern California during our time together or at the end. If you're interested in this, we'll discuss details together.

I loved our calls and how much got resolved and cleared up in just 60 minutes every single time. I loved how much we laughed with all the depth and truth that came through. I loved how I could send long emails and receive the exact piece that would shift everything for me.

The only worry I had before signing up was the money. It turned out that our work together was so necessary for this piece of my artist journey, as well!


I've learned to look at finances with more clarity and less overwhelm, and find solutions while there's still time. I'm so glad we could always talk about this. I feel a lot healthier and more peaceful in my relationship with money and finances, too.

One of the absolute highlights if I do have to pick one was the plan we made on how to launch commissions. I can't remember ever having stuck to a plan that I made, but this one was so easy and effective!


--Ruth Krijah


One payment of $1500 USD 

Or three automatic monthly payments of $500 USD


Ready to take the first step toward your Creative Breakthrough?


To apply for Creative Breakthrough, start by filling out the application below. I'll assess if working together would be a good fit and will then reach out in the next few days to set up a free 20 minute feeler call where we'll talk about what it might look like to go on this journey together.

Deadline to apply for Fall mentorship is October 16h. Doors will not reopen until 2020.

Do you have the financial means to pay for this program?


Hello! I'm Devon. Fine artist, educator, creative guide and beloved student of the creative process.

I've lead 10+ courses, workshops and online experiences on the technical, business related and soulful aspects of making art and have been guiding artists toward achieving their highest expression (both on and off the canvas) since 2017.

I've been working as a professional artist for the past four years and have been a dedicated creator all my life.

I've licensed work for companies big and small, like West Elm, collaborated on projects like album covers and planner designs, and my work is held by collectors all over the world.


I see making art as a teacher, healer and liberator. My mission is to guide artists in making their most powerful creative leaps, while finding new pieces of themselves along the way. It's my absolute honor to be your guide on this journey and I can't wait to work with you.



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