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Please use the following guidelines to determine which shipping option is right for your order. If you are purchasing multiple pieces of different sizes, please select the shipping option for the largest piece in your cart. Items will typically be packed and shipped together.

  • Small Paper Shipping: 8x8  - 11x15 paper works and prints

  • Small Sculpture Shipping: all 3D works

  • Large Paper Shipping: 18x24 paper works

  • Small Canvas Shipping: 8x8 - 11x14 canvas and panel works

  • Medium Canvas Shipping: 16x20 - 24x24 canvas and panel works

  • Large Canvas Shipping: 30x24 - 36x24 canvas works

  • Extra Large Canvas Box Shipping: 30x36, 36x36 and larger

  • Large Canvas Tubed Shipping (optional): available for 30 x 24 and larger canvas works

    • With this option, the canvas will be removed from its frame and sent in a tube. Upon arrival, you will take it to be re-stretched over a new frame. This is the preferred method of shipping for anything larger than 40 x 40  ​

    • Please note not all pieces are eligible for tubed shipping. Please check the description of the product to see if tubed shipping is an option.

If you are international outside of the US and do not see a shipping option for your size and location, email me at for a quote.