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Developing our and honing our honest voice can be a murky process. With so much visual content available and the advice to "just keep making," we might feel like we're spinning our wheels, disconnected from our work, torn between many styles, or unable to land on our "thing."

This workshop series is designed to help you strengthen your work by going through all of the layers. This is how we cultivate work and a personal style that has substance.

You'll receive individual feedback, learn about the different components of style development, come up with new (original) ideas for your strongest direction, weed out any overused influences and discover a whole lot about yourself as an artist.    


 Over the course of five biweekly workshops and meetings you will...

  • Develop a visual language that's unique to you

  • Gain an understanding of content, subject, aesthetic and who you are as an artist (which, PS, is super helpful when it comes to writing about your work).

  • Go through variety of style development exercises (together! in real time!) for brain storming, visually translating your ideas, understanding what's important to your work and more

  • Refine your ideas and identify your strongest direction for moving forward

  • Engage in small group discussion, receive personal feedback, make new art friends and get comfortable talking about work amongst your peers :)

  • See a big shift in your work

"The structure of class content guided me to go deeper with the conceptual side of my work than I had in a long time. I experienced insights that allowed me to release some old stories and expectations around my content, process- and really about myself... I let go of some of the toxic shadowy crap that was remaining from art school. I'm moving into my next art chapter feeling lighter, and with some clear next steps in my practice. (*throws rainbow sparkles).  


Take this class if you feel stuck in your process and need some clarity; or if you have been taking too many classes and feel like you can't hear your own voice anymore."


 -- Anne Marie Talon

Curriculum + Schedule


In this class we'll take an honest look at your work up until this point, weed out any improper use of influences and explore what is and isn't working. You'll identify your current visual language and personal aesthetic, how to source proper forms of inspiration without copying and dig into what an honest style would look like for you.​

When: Sunday Oct 9th 10:30 am -12:00 pm PST via Zoom.
Will be recorded. 


The small group portion of this series is designed to help you learn through feedback and discussion. You'll have the chance to share your work and where you're stuck / what your goals are, and receive individualized reflections from myself and the group. Being seen in our strengths and getting a third-party perspective on our work can have the BIGGEST impact on our development.

Everyone has different comfort levels sharing and talking in a group-- and that's okay! No harsh critiques here. This is a welcoming, non-pretentious space to help you build your confidence, receive helpful feedback and make new art friends.

When: You'll have the option to sign up for:
Thur, Oct 20th, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PST or
Sun, Oct 23rd, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm PST

Via Zoom. Will be recorded. 
Small groups are 10 people max. Other times may be added depending on class size.


In this workshop we'll dive into what your work is about. Maybe you need to refine your central ideas or explore them for the first time. You'll learn about the difference between content and subject, how they might inform each other in your work and how to choose powerful themes and how to translate them visually. This understanding is incredibly important for developing your style and your overall way of creating.

When: Sunday, Nov 6th, 10:30 am -12:00 pm PST via Zoom.
Will be recorded.


What you've learned in workshops #1 and #3 will coalesce here. You'll work through how to translate your (likely newfound) content and style into your own unique visual language. This is how we discover visual elements for our work that we've seldom seen elsewhere and create work that's truly unique. We'll cover methods for honing in on your own palettes, marks, compositions and more. This one is playful, fun and hands-on!

When: Sunday, Nov 20th 10:30 am -12:00 pm PST via Zoom.
Will be recorded. 


In the second small group session you'll get to discuss what's changed in your work, the questions you're now wrestling with and any ideas you might have for moving forward. Now knowing each other's work, you'll have even more of an opportunity to give and receive personalized support. Everyone will have the chance to be in the "hot seat" (if they want). The number one thing I hear from students is that the small groups had the biggest impact on their confidence.

When: You'll have the option to sign up for:
Thur, Dec 1st, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PST or
Sun, Dec 4th, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm PST
Via Zoom. Will be recorded. 
Small groups are 10 people max. Other times may be added depending on class size.

What's Included

  • Three live 90-min workshops that will also be provided as recordings (no worries if you can't make them all live).

  • Two 90-min small group sessions that will also be provided as recordings.

  • Three beautiful PDF guides to accompany each workshop

  • At least two years access to all the material

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Register for UNIQUE

Enrollment closes on Thursday, October 6th @ midnight PST

*if you're interested in this course but it's financially out of reach, email for extended payment plans and sliding scale options

"This is one of the few (maybe only) online courses where I felt was worth what I paid (and actually worth more than I paid). I truly feel like I got the full value of my investment on the first session. The work and community feel truly productive and insightful and meaningful. My art and experience and focus has completed shifted. I feel like I've matured as an artist."

-- Brandi

This workshop series is for artists who...

  • Are at any level-- beginning, intermediate or advanced. You could be 5+ years in and wanting to refine your work or start a new direction (this is perfect for that). Or just starting out and wanting to uncover your voice for the first time. 

  • Might be feeling scattered in their work, torn in too many directions or unclear on their direction

  • Are craving substance, and want to make work that's about something (and that they're excited about!).

  • Work in any visual art genre or medium. I'll be speaking from a painting/mixed-media perspective, but you can absolutely apply what we do to any way of working.

  • May have been sourcing a bit too much inspiration from social media / other artists (no shame), and want to break away from simply "mashing up" elements from work you've seen. 

  • Jive with approaches that are introspective, intentional and playful 

"It felt like a mini art school, and I enjoyed asking myself deeper questions about my work and my purpose. Simultaneously I found it super helpful to hear other people's perspectives and what they were taking away. This is a great workshop for getting to know yourself better as an artist."

 -- Lisa

About Devon

Hi! I'm Devon. Mixed media artist and muralist with an affinity for all things nostalgic and otherwordly. I've been working as a professional artist for the past six years and have been a dedicated creator all my life.

I've lead 10+ courses and workshops on the creative, developmental and business-related aspects of being an artist and have been mentoring artists 1-on-1 since 2018.

I've worked with clients such as Vans and West Elm, collaborated on all kinds of  projects from album covers to planners, and my work is held by collectors around the globe. I also host a podcast called Art + Magic that serves as a resource for working creatives.

I'm passionate about supporting other artists, building welcoming, creative community and making the artist's path as accessible as possible. 


"I would totally recommend this course. Devon has such well spoken and thoughtful delivery. She always has personalized insight to offer each person and really takes the time to help them dig a little deeper. I love the practical tips she offers."

-- Desiree

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Register for UNIQUE

Enrollment closes on Thursday, October 6th @ midnight PST

*if you're interested in this course but it's financially out of reach, email for extended payment plans and sliding scale options

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