Hey Artists,

Are you ready to stop relying on influences and create work that's uniquely your own?

In my 5+ years as a working artist, the most important element in my growth has been developing a style that is intentional, recognizable and one-of-a-kind. It's been THE thing that's  generated  opportunities and sales, and brought me genuine pride in my work.

But the style I work in now has been a hard earned.


When I was starting out I struggled to create work that wasn't derived from other artists. Everyone around me seemed to have their own "thing," but I had no idea how to find MINE. (how were they pulling this out of thin air?!)


It made me feel insecure, daunted to share and extremely frustrated.

With few places to turn for guidance (there are very few courses where the student's work doesn't come out looking like the instructor's) I dedicated myself to figuring out what did and did not work when it comes to cultivating your own voice. 

Through years of trial, error and research ....I'm ready to share my method for developing a style that is not only unique to you, but holds depth and meaning (your purpose as an artist!) in this brand new workshop series.


A 4-Week Style Development Workshop Series 


UNIQUE is an online workshop series for developing artists who want to cultivate a visual style that is meaningful, powerful and completely their own.

In this series you'll learn how to create a visual language that is honest. You'll explore what's most important for you to communicate in your work and create an aesthetic that embodies that message.


You'll walk away with a totally new understanding of the style development process and approaches that don't involve looking at other people's work.

These live sessions will be playful, interactive, thoughtful-- and heavy on the breakthroughs. There will be guided practices, homework for you to incorporate into your practice, and lots of space for sharing, questions and discussion. 



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