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Do you want to sell your art in a way that's professional,  profitable +  ALIGNED to your vision, health AND soul?

I created this group mentorship program just for you.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been on a journey to discover what we need-- as devoted, inspired, yet sensitive and often empathic artists -- to thrive in business. 

The force, the hustle and the cookie cutter templates don’t work for us.


To be real: I’ve benefited tons from all the info out there on how to sell art + do creative business. 


But I’ve been longing to see that kind of information married with the OTHER side of what allows us to thrive as ARTISTS: 


Knowing our value as artists. Holding a vision. 

Cultivating confidence in our purpose.

Getting clear on where we fit and how to stand out.

Choosing strategies and a direction that jives with US personally.


AND, alongside informed strategy and guidance on the bigger questionsdo you know what else we need? 


We need to have our strengths mirrored back to us.

We need feedback from experienced mentors and support from loving peers.


We need to NOT be building our art career in a vacuum.

studio shot 5.jpg

I created the ART BIZ GROUP MENTORSHIP so you could have business strategy, personal exploring, passionate community AND transformative mentorship all in one place.


Working TOGETHER to help you build an art career that works for YOU. 



Group Mentorship

An Intimate Four Month Program + Online Learning Experience

In this four month program, you'll learn how to strategically sell your work online and build a sustainable business doing what you love.

You'll also receive direct, personalized mentoring based on YOU and YOUR art (because there is no "one size fits all" for artists in business) 

and community feedback as you do the work and take the big steps. 

But that's not all...

Knowing WHAT to do is only half the battle, because when we take the leap to show up things COME UP.  


Procrastination, fear of failure, perfectionism, overwhelm, the desire to hide

...can you relate?

This is a program where we address ALL OF IT.

Where art, business and personal transformation intersect.

By the end of our time together you'll be confident and clear on your direction, and your business will be well underway with effective strategy that works for YOU, on track to grow and support you in the long term.

“I would totally recommend mentorship with Devon! She listens to your needs and desires and while giving you tips and tricks to reach your goals. She also challenges you in a positive manner! I thoroughly feel as though this was a smart and necessary investment to help get my business and art practice to the next level.

-- Brittany Metka





Twice a month, we'll meet live as a group. 


Each member will have space for personalized "hot seat" mentoring and support from other members.

You'll receive individualized biz coaching (based on you, your journey and your art) and guidance around the specific blocks that may  come up for you (resistances, fear of being seen, overwhelm and everything in between!). There is a real magic in doing this work in a group.



Opening call: Tues, 3/17 @ 4pm

Regular group calls: 2nd and 4th Tues of the month from 4-6pm PST starting on 3/24. 

2 1-on-1  MENTORSHIP SESSIONS (1 hr each)




In the first month and last month of the program, you and I will  meet  for a 1-on-1 BREAKTHROUGH session.


In these sessions we'll lay out a plan for you personally (for the duration program and thereafter) based on where you're at, what you're wanting and what might be your biggest hold ups. 


The course content will provide you with the practical nitty gritty of how to (sustainably) create and grow your art business.

Everything from pricing, to shipping, to how to write (authentic) emails and grow your audience. 


Lessons will be released at the beginning of each month and it's strong encouraged you work through the indicated modules before our calls. 

(about 3 hours of course material per month).


A two-part workshop where you'll learn how to market for your ideal commission projects and complete them from start to finish (contracts, creative process and all) with ease. ($167 value)

"Working with Devon feels like having the sweetest big art sister by your side.

I've learned to look at finances with more clarity and less overwhelm, and find solutions while there's still time. I feel a lot healthier and more peaceful in my relationship with money. I have never felt safer to dig deeply into what is true for ME and create life (and art) from this place."

--Ruth Krijah


month one



  • Get clear on where you fit and who your market is 

  • Set up shop: learn the best ways to showcase + list your work 

  • Your website: The essentials must-have components + how to have it best represent YOU

  • Creating your Instagram to SHINE: branding, content, your bio.. ALL the goods to get you followed and seen in the right way.

Expect serious clarity around your desires + intentions and big revelations about who you are as an artist. 

month two



  • My exact formula for finding the RIGHT prices (no more intuitive prices!)

  • Tips for beautiful photos + curating images 

  • Safely packing + shipping work (guides + details) 

  • Learn how to create + sell prints (+ determine if it's right for you)

  • Organize and create systems for ease

Prepare to be prepared! This is where you'll to clear out  any question marks, doubt and overwhelm (hello, professionalism and confidence).

month three



  • Build and grow your email list in YOUR best way (methods and strategies that WORK)

  • Write content your ideal buyer can't wait to receive

  • Keep your audience engaged via inspiring + honest content (that's not spammy)

  • Build lifelong collector relationships 

Fear of being seen and/or resistance to marketing + selling? We'll go deep + address all of it. This is a big breakthrough  month. 

month four



  • Learn to release collections + create buzz (everything from content creation, to marketing schedules, to the official release!)

  • Build your online audience on a regular basis +convert them into buyers

  • Cultivate in-person community + opportunities for yourself

  • Create consistent, effective content while honoring your health (and avoid burn out).

It's time to SHINE baby. You'll leave with a fully launched biz, streamlined plan and confidence in your ability to show up + thrive for years to come.



(apply through 2/19)





(apply between 2/20 - 3/3)




Ready to take the first step toward a profitable art business that feels really GOOD to run? 


To apply for THE ART BIZ GROUP MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, fill out the application below. I'll assess if this program is a good fit for you, and will reach out in the next few days to set up a free 20 minute feeler call. On this call we'll address your questions, discuss program details and make sure your joining is of the highest benefit for both you and the group.  

Only 10 spots available. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, March 3rd or until spots fill.

We begin together on March 17th. See above program details for full call schedule.

Do you have the financial means to pay for this program?

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch soon.

The ART BIZ GROUP MENTORSHIP is for emerging, heart-centered artists who want grow their presence, get their work in the hands of resonate buyers who will pay to support it...


AND who desire to do it  all in a way that’s ideal for THEM and THEIR art.


You're a perfect fit for this group if you are... 

  • A passion-driven artist or maker with an entrepreneurial spirit, big desire in your heart, devotion to your craft and an openness to doing things differently.

  • Semi-familiar with the basics of online in business (website, newsletters, social media, etc.), but are ready for actionable steps and big picture strategy so you can make it all WORK for you

  • Craving clarity on who you are as an artist, your direction and the purpose + meaning behind what you create

  • Committed to doing the real, honest work. You know there is no such thing as an overnight success, and wouldn't trust someone who told you otherwise.

  • Possibly in need of: confidence, self-trust, consistent action, personal healing, permission and/or belief that you can really do this.

  • So OVER doing all of this in isolation. 


​I've never sold any work and haven't started my business yet-- but I'd like to move in that direction. Will I fit it in with this group? Or will this be too advanced for me?


If you're wanting to get started with selling your work, now is actually the perfect time to join this program. By starting things off with a strategic plan and clear direction of where you're going you'll be CRAZY far ahead. This program is for anyone who wants to sell there art...whether you're just getting started or you want to sell MORE.

I'm a professional artist who's been selling my art for awhile, is this right for me?

Like mentioned above, this is for anyone who wants to up their selling game-- at any stage. While the course content will cover some business basics (website, social media, etc.) the bulk of the program is about honing in on your vision, implementing strategies that work for YOU and receiving personalized feedback + support. You'll definitely leave with more clarity, confidence and a plan that will enable you to go to the next level.

What if I can't make all of the live calls?


All of the calls will be recorded and sent out for you to keep for life. You'll often benefit just as much from the questions and qualms of others as you will from the personal guidance you receive. Missing a few of the calls won't take away from the value you receive in the program, but you want to make sure you can attend at least more than half of them. 

I've taken the Art Biz Roadmap course, but I'm interested in joining this group and receiving the coaching component that this program offers.

There is a special offer available for past students of this course. Send me an email at


How long do I get access to the course content and call recordings?




I feel called to join this program, but it's financially just out of reach. What can I do?


If after our feeler call everything is a perfect fit, I'm happy to work with you on a 6 month payment plan.

“Spending money on something intangible like a class is hard, but at the same time how can you put a price tag on confidence and knowledge? I learned practical things I can put into action TODAY to develop and grow my art business... I loved working with Devon and learned so much!”

-- L.S.

smiling headshot.jpg


Hello! I'm Devon. Fine artist, educator, creative guide and beloved student of the creative process.

I've lead 10+ courses, workshops and online experiences on the technical, business related and soulful aspects of making art and have been mentoring artists 1-on-1 in achieving their highest expression (both on and off the canvas) since 2017.

I've been working as a professional artist for the past five years and have been a dedicated creator all my life.

I've licensed work for companies big and small, like West Elm, collaborated on projects like album covers and planner designs, and my work is held by collectors all over the world.


I see making and selling art as a teacher, healer and liberator. My mission is to guide artists in making their most powerful leaps, while finding new pieces of themselves along the way. It's my absolute honor to be your guide on this journey and I can't wait to work with you.

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