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29. Style Development, Leaving Room for Play & Balancing Painting + Illustration | Lindsay Stripling

Today’s guest is the amazing painter, illustrator and teacher, Lindsay Stripling (you might know her from her fabulous Lunch Club series on Instagram!). This is one of those conversations where we got to bounce around and touch on ALL of the things: style, social media, having studio practice, Lindsay’s story, the importance of boredom, story-telling, and so much more. I have to say, my absolute favorite part toward the end of the conversation where Lindsay broke down how she thinks about her work. She has a way of putting words to the mysterious intangible that I could’ve listened to for hours. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did! We talked about.. -- How she guides students to find their style

-- Getting away from the digital realm for inspiration -- Ageism on social media

-- Keys for creating a consistent studio practice

-- Holding the titles of painter and illustrator at the same time, and thoughts on illustration v. fine art

-- The importance of reading for Lindsey and the in’s and out’s of how philosophy influences her work


Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco based illustrator and teacher. Her work is always coming from a place of layering, texture and experimentation. She likes to keep things fun and explore themes of nature, time, memory, community and psychology. When Lindsay isn’t drawing or painting in her backyard in the Sunset, she can be found walking in Golden Gate Park or looking for a new book at the library. She’s taught team building workshops for Google, Pixar, Shutterfly and Nike and worked with clients such as Adobe, Nike, Intercom, Mind Body Green, Bust Magazine, Spirituality and Health Magazine, St. Regis Hotel and more.

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