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How to Become Comfortable With Being Seen as an Artist

One of the main things that I think holds artists back-- in some way or another-- is a fear of being seen. I've struggled with this myself and it's the #1 thing I see among the artists I work with.

Let's face it: a lot of us were probably drawn to visual art because we're more comfortable BEHIND the canvas. Right? But if we want to have a sustainable business selling our work, learning to be seen is so important. I dive more into exactly why that is in this episode.

In this solo episode I...

-- Break down WHY it's so important for artists become comfortable with being seen in a way that's organic and authentic

-- Give you three actionable ways you start leaning into visibility as an artist (and therefore growing your business + presence) TODAY

If you want to shed that anxiety when talking about your art or before showing up on stories, this episode is for you.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.



Lacy Phillips:


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