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Going "Full Time": Transitions, Tips + My Story | Q+A with Devon

In this first Q+A, we're talking all things career advice, winding roads, navigating multiple gigs while being highly sensitive and much more. 

If you're itching to make the leap from day job to artist or want advice on how to fast track your growth and progress, I think you'll find solace in this discussion. You'll also get the behind-the-scenes of my own (non-linear and highly risky) path to being in biz.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in questions! If yours didn't get answered, it's been saved for future episodes. 

For this episodes Q's, big shoutout to:

Beate Munch

Rachel Noble @rachelkatenoble

Julia Gomez @juligomexdesign

If you'd like to write in a question, topic or wondering for a future episode you can send an email to with the subject "Podcast Question." Q+A's will come out on the regular!





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