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5 Keys to Creating a Sustainable Art Business

How do we create our art business to not only be profitable, but in a way that

a) will support us over the long haul

and b) operates in a way that's good for our energy level and our creativity?

In this solo episode I go in detail about what have been the 5 most important components that keep my art business flowing and sustainable, and how YOU can implement those keys too.

There's a PDF guide that goes with this episode! You'll find the key points from this episode, lists of ideas to implement and questions to help you discover your own best sustainable strategies.



The Art Biz Group Mentorship Program is now open for applications! This is a 4 month program where you'll learn how to strategically sell your work online and build a sustainable business doing what you love.You'll also receive direct, personalized mentoring based on YOU and YOUR art (because there is no "one size fits all" for artists in business).

Early bird price ends on 2/19



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