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34. Copying, Being Influenced and How to Weed Out What isn't Yours

In the age of social media, we're likely to experience either being copied, finding ourselves too influenced by other artists' work, or both. This is a sensitive topic on both ends. Being copied feels horrible (what do we do when it happens?), and trying to move away from the voices of other's when you're developing your own can be a big challenge. As part of our continued discussion on style development, I wanted to offer some nuanced thoughts for both positions with the hopes of validating the feelings those who have seen their work replicated and shine some light on how you can weed out any elements in your work that aren't really your own. I discuss... -- Thoughts on being copied, ways to handle it and possible perspectives -- The common things I see in work that is too influenced by others / how to tell if your work is too close to someone else's -- Ways to move away from your influences and make your work more your own (no shame here, just ideas) “UNIQUE: Style Development Workshop Series” is now open for enrollment! Learn more and register:


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