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Dollhouse Reflections:

Collectible Ceramic Sculptures Inspired by "The Dollhouse Effect"

A Devon Walz & Catherine Rex Collaboration

check out "The Dollhouse Effect" sculpture here

clothing pile style 2 photo 5.png

Y2K Clothing Pile


purple shimmer bed 1.png

Bed with Chain, Gold Butterflies, and Purple Resin Shimmer 


tutu 1.png



pink_gold bed 4.png

Bed with Chain, Gold Butterflies and Pink Resin Shimmer


cosmo 2.png



fallen pillow bed 1.png

Bed with Silver Butterflies and Purple Resin Shimmer


holo bed 2.png

Bed with Chain, Cake and Iridescent Resin Blanket

bed w_ chain and gold butterflies 1.png

Bed with Chain and Gold Butterflies


bed w_ chain and cake 2.png

Bed with Chain and Cake


bed with butterflies 1.png

Bed with Gold Butterflies


bed with cake 2.png

Bed with Cake


bed with gold stip and butterflies 2.png

Bed with Butterflies and Gold Stripe


bed with gold and silver butterflies.png

Bed with Gold and Silver Butterflies


bed with gold hearts on headboard.png

Bed with Butterflies and Hearts


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