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Solo Show Prep, Email Outreach + Infusing the Sacred | Lauren Hana Chai

If you don’t already know Lauren Hana Chai, I’m honored to be the one to introduce you to her because her work is brilliant. I had a ton of fun connecting with her and we hit on a lot of ground in this conversation: the ins and outs of how she’s arrived at the work she’s making now, all about her show last year at Thinkspace (from making the connection to the prep itself), how she manages her income streams and mayyybe even the story behind the DMT trip that influenced her recent work.

We talked about….

  • transitioning themes in art

  • how Lauren connected with Thinkspace and approaches email outreach

  • Lauren’s DMT experience and how its influenced her work

  • How and when Lauren went full time and her different income streams

"Souls In Motion 2", Oil Acrylic on canvas, 54x65

About Lauren

Lauren Hana Chai is known for contrasting her traditional Korean upbringing with her modern American life and including a personal story or cultural narrative to accompany each piece. As the first in her family born in America, she was raised by her South Korean grandparents in Hawaii. She moved across the Pacific to San Francisco to study at the Academy of Art University. After some time following the technique-based curriculum, Lauren says she relished breaking the rules and mixing abstract elements into the work. Her current series places side by side traditional elements, such as Korean folk art and Buddhist temple architecture, and modern elements such as interracial relationships or sexually charged figures. She has been featured in NBC News, KBS World Radio, Houston NPR, and the Honolulu Star Bulletin.




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"The Little Death 6", oil, fabric and wood on canvas, 44 x 35.5


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