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Preview of My Upcoming Show, "Inner Space"

"Overflow," 36 x 48 in. on canvas

This series of paintings began with a question:

“If the internal world could be seen with our eyes, what would that look like?”

Each piece in the series is an attempt translate my experience of this internal place in its many different expressions, and to show just how wondrous it can be if we're open to exploring it.

Top: "Worlds Within Worlds," "Worlds Within Worlds #2." Bottom: "Disillusioned," "Waves and Colors and Things Moving Around," all 8 x 8 in. on paper.

It's my experience that the internal world is rich in mystery and beauty.

That it holds important keys for how we're to navigate the external world.

That it wants to be known.

When we look within we might find a landscape of emotions and thoughts, a gentle hum, an experience of spaciousness or many different things happening all at once.

While this place will be different for each of us, there is something inherently unifying about spending time there.

I see the experience of the internal world to be as universal as it is personal.

"Release" 30 x 40 in. on canvas

"Seen and Known" 12 x 12 in. on canvas

In creating this series, I didn't source visual inspiration from nature like I've done in the past. I made a point to rely more on my own meditations and feeling-based experiences to inform the marks, shapes and colors.

Yet many of compositions took on a landscape-like form, and there are elements that could be seen as related to the ocean, sky, earth and cosmos. A nod, I think, at the Inner Space being connected to all things; our own personal doorway.

"Voices From Elsewhere" 20 x 20 in. on canvas. "Moment of Brave" 30 x 30 in. on canvas

Much like experiencing deja vu while traveling through a foreign place, my hope is this work gives rise to something that feels vaguely familiar and that also calls you to look deeper. To become curious about the nature of your own Inner Space.

"Time Pulse" 36 x 48 in. on canvas

Inner Space will be showing at Sourced Collective in Laguna Beach, CA as part of my artist residency from March 1st - April 25th, with an open event taking place April 4th during the first Thursday Art Walk (more details on that to come!).

"Observer" 30 x 30 in. on canvas

All 30 pieces in this series will also be made available for online viewing in the coming weeks.

Thank you for following along and supporting my work and journey, as always.




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