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Portals, Murals and More with Madeleine Tonzi

I'm so excited to be BACK IN ACTION and to kick season two off with a conversation that felt both soothing and super relevant to the times we're in.

Oakland based artist, Madeleine Tonzi, is a painter and muralist. Originally from the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Madeleine’s work is both a reflection of the past, present and future, in which she extracts the essence of moments to create mystical and surreal landscapes.  Through a distinct color pallet, soft natural elements and rigid architectural forms, she places emphasis on environments laden with both freedom and boundaries that which shape our navigation through this world and highlight the importance of preserving that which is sacred.  

We talked about...

--Madeleine's work: honoring the sacred, home, the desert and portals as a metaphor.

--Navigating being an empathic artist --How she creates her pieces based on mood and the shifts in the work 

--The art “movement” of our time that Madeleine (and I!) feel to be a part of

--Thoughts on weaving spirituality and esoteric themes into one’s work

---Entering the mural game as a woman and advice for starting out

--The juicy details of her experience working with Meow Wolf

-- And more!

("Falling Fragments" 16 x 20 in. acrylic on canvas by Madeliene Tonzi)


The Last Days of the Art World...And Perhaps the First Days of a New One by Jerry Saltz

Meow Wolf

Coco Rosie




Mural for Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return by Madeleine Tonzi. 600 sq. ft.




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