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On Resilience + Creating Beautifully Human Work with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

I’m thrilled to present this conversation I had with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley that was both profound and timeless. Though we recorded together in early May, when I went back to edit the episode I found that what Lanecia shared about choosing life, moving through grief, being honest and claiming art for herself was exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. I think you'll find the same. I’m in love with the depth of thought behind her work (which you’ll get to hear!) as well as her perspective on the ways art makes us better humans in the world.

Be sure to check out the show notes and links for this one! Lanecia shared her favorite artists and resources with us, and there's TONS of art goodness waiting for you to jump off and explore.

We talked about...

-- How Lancia creates with patience and mindfulness, and let’s her work “become” in it’s own timing (and the practicality of working with deadlines within this process)

-- What led to her transition from minister to artist, and how her background plays out in her vocation now

-- How Lanecia moved through the grief of losing her daughter, both on and off the canvas, as well as advice for others working through grief.

-- The ways that creating art and engaging with art makes us better humans

-- How Lancia has fiercely directed her own art education and her favorite resources for doing so

-- much more!

About Lanecia:

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Houston, TX. She is the owner and creator of LAR Art Studio. Her portfolio includes a range of work in photography, abstract painting, teaching, writing and speaking. Lanecia contracts with local + national organizations to teach, consult, create commission work and more. Lanecia's studies in sociology, theology and culture have influence her artistic practice and the questions she brings to her work. Her creative process is meditative and contemplative in nature. In each work she explores through abstraction the complex layers that compose various aspects of the human condition and story.


Creative Process by James Baldwin

Living With Art by Mark Getlein

The Menil Collection in Houston

Art Institute in Chicago

Romare Bearden, Sam Gilliam, Ed Clark, Toni Morrison, Audre Lorde, Frank Bowling, Elma Thomas

Additional resources from Lanecia:

MOMA Online classes (they are FREE!)

Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel.



"Otherwise Perception" installation by Lanecia Rouse Tinsely at Project Row Houses in Houston, TX


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