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Let the Work Speak | Rachel Burke of @imakestagram

If you’ve been wondering how someone might make the leap from their day job and land celebrity buyers and big time collaborations while being wildly unapologetic in following their joy, look no further than this conversation I had with artist and designer, Rachel Burke of @imakestagram.

I loved getting the back story on her unique, nostalgic and joyful creations and the long journey she’s been on with them. And I especially loved hearing her approach to brand, story, repping her own creations and what it’s been like for her to switch it up with painting, too.

We talked about….

--How Rachel built up her fashion line + how wearing one of her own pieces in public started it all

-- Taking the leap from her design job to going all in on her own business

-- What Rachel credits to big celebrities like Kesha and Drew Barrymore finding and buying her pieces

-- The BTS details of collaborating with Disney

-- Navigating saying “no” to big offers

-- Killer advice for styling, branding and storytelling

-- The vulnerable update on her first ever series of paintings

-- And more!

About Rachel:

Rachel Burke is a practicing multidisciplinary artist, designer, and author based in Brisbane, Australia.

Known for her vibrant, tactile designs and wild tinsel creations, Rachel's style is immediately recognizable and sought out by clients across the globe.

Her work has been acquired by notable performers and artists including Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Mindy Kaling, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race stars: Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls & Detox. She has also worked on many creative collaborations with numerous brands including Disney, LEGO, Sephora, Visa and many more.


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Painting by Rachel Burke for her upcoming solo exhibition at the Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney.


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