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How to Strengthen Your Work + Decide Where to Sell It | Artist Consultant, Pennylane Shen

This is an extra special episode for me because working with Pennylane Shen over the past year has been a game changer for my art practice. Pennylane is an artist consultant, and she’s really one of the good ones out there providing support to artists who want to strengthen their work, develop their business, write their artist statement and much more. I loved getting to steal her for an hour to ask everything I’ve been wanting to and highlight the knowledge that she’s imparted to me in our sessions together.

We talked about…

-- The two overarching factors that make for strong artwork and how to know if you’re hitting the marks

--Navigating experimentation and incorporating just the right dose of it

-- Why you need to bulk up the “meat and potatoes” of your work and ways to bring meaning and substance to the forefront of what you make -- How to overcome the insecurity of being self-taught

-- The things to become aware of in your own self (or continued!) art education

-- Determining which way of selling your work is right for you: self-representation v. working with a gallery

About Pennylane

Pennylane Shen is an artist consultant, curator and educator. Since 2006, her company Dazed and Confucius has offered personalized consultations, group workshops and business development with regular seminars held worldwide. Artist consultants Pennylane and David advise over 1000 artists each year. With a variety of services catered to the fine artist, Dazed and Confucius has quickly become the "one-stop shop" for artists navigating the fine art industry.

Pennylane holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture Theory from New York University and has lectured at various forums throughout Canada, the US and the UK. Her teaching experience includes Langara College and the NYC Crit Club. For more than a decade, Pennylane has worked in commercial galleries such as the Bau-Xi Gallery, the longest standing commercial gallery in Canada. In her hometown of Vancouver, BC Pennylane has curated for the Vancouver Mural Festival. An avid supporter of art and wellness, she sits on the board for the Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Foundation, collecting notable art pieces for hospital walls.



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