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How to Make Multiple Styles, Interests + Income Streams Work For You | Jaclyn Florescio

I invited Jaclyn to be on the show not just because she’s one of my best IRL art friends, but because she’s a wonderful example of how to make a living as an artist by diversifying your offerings and income streams. Jac has embraced the fact that she loves so many styles, projects and mediums, and made that work FOR her. From live art and wedding invitations, to chalk board signs and digital art, to custom portraits and luscious oil paintings-- she literally does it all. You’ll love this conversation if you feel limited by picking just one style or offering (or want to get creative with your cash flow!).

We talked about….

-- The evolution of her work as an artist

-- The willingness to say yes

-- Pros and Cons of diversifying interests as an artist

-- Getting started with building a portfolio

-- Lessons on working with clients (and the importance of a contract!)

-- Continuing your learning and improving your skills as an artist

About Jaclyn:

Jaclyn Florescio is an eclectic artist from Southern California. She considers herself a “Jac of all Trades,” because of her deep love for all art! Her work incorporates a mixture of illustration, graphic design, and lettering which is the perfect combination for any kind of project from wedding invitations to logo design. She is known for her colorful, story-telling illustrations, and is inspired by everything: music, food, nature, culture and people. Her versatility has given her opportunities to work with different clients, from couples to corporate businesses to celebrities.


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IG: @yellowandlace


Be sure to check out the show's *brand new* IG page: @artandmagicpodcast


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NCMA Installation - Maya Freelon

Jaclyn Florescio's mini portraits


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