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How to Lead with Content, Switch Your Medium + Embrace Change | Taylor Lee

photo by Benjamin Youd

Taylor Lee Nicholoson is BACK and I’m honored to have her be the first return guest on our show. It’s no coincidence that I keep coming back for convos with this woman-- she puts a ton of thought and intention behind her process and the evolution of her work, and it shows. This time around we’re diving into all things sculpture, performance, anxiety as a playmate, pivoting your business model as needed, the difference between content and style, and so much more.


  • Changing directions and mediums with your art

  • Themes of anxiety

  • The importance of content and themes in your work

  • Pivoting your business model

About Taylor

Taylor Lee is an artist that draws attention to anxiety and hyperreality through exaggerated kitschy/campiness. She juxtaposes laughter and pathos to create mood-whiplash, challenge perceptions of reality, and offer anxiety-ridden millennials like herself the catharsis of feeling “seen.”

Taylor creates surreal content such as stop-motion GIFs and microfilms, sculpture, illustrations, performances, and installation for immersive experiences in both digital and physical spaces. When she's not building a paper-mache TV or another face vase, you can find her telling ghost stories…but more on that in October.


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