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Busting all the Artist Myths | Amanda Sandlin

It’s the start of Season 3! Woo! And we’re kicking things off with one of the most transparent episodes I’ve aired yet (Really though. This one’s on the vulnerable side.).

My good friend Amanda Sandlin joins me in co-hosting a conversation about the big “artist myths” that’ve haunted her and I over the years. Amanda has been such a supportive, bright light for me these past months (not to mention a brilliant painter and writer) and I wanted to let you be a fly on the wall to what we’ve really been talking about together. If you’ve been feeling extra self-critical or have caught the comparison bug, I think this conversation will feel like one giant exhale.

We talked about…

  • Being/ not being the artsy kid and how that affects us now

  • Our relationship to being self-taught, and why we would or wouldn’t get our MFA

  • How we manage our studio schedules and conflicting feels on not “waiting for inspiration”

  • ALL the thoughts on artist statements

  • Real talk on being full-time, having other part time work, selling (or not selling) out your collections

  • And seriously...SO much more.

"And the rains came heavy from the north," oil on canvas, 12" x 12", 2020

About Amanda

Artist and writer Amanda Sandlin creates interior landscapes and accompanying poems inspired by her time in nature on what she calls “spirit walks.” Rooted together in ruthless self-honesty, raw emotion, and divine connection, her paintings and poetry aim to create moments for the viewer to pause and be curious about their inner experience.

Amanda graduated from Rider University with a BA in Journalism and a Minor in Political Science. She has been featured in publications such as Coveteur and Condé Nast Traveler and has shown her work throughout Colorado. Past and current creative partnerships include Spacey Studios NYC, Maggie Rogers, Rebecca Taylor, Little, Brown and Company, and more.




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"Winterbone", oil on paper, 6" x 8", 2021


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