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Beauty, Defying Stigmas + Developing Your Voice | Dan Lam

photo by Benjamin Youd

DAN LAM. What a pinch-me-moment it was to have her on the show. SO many interesting topics got touched on in this conversation: how and why beauty is easily dismissed in art, Dan’s thoughts on a recent negative comment and the issue of gatekeeping in the art world, the stigmas she’s protesting (like fun! and psychedelic use!), how she’s dealt with copying, advice for creating strong work and tons more.

It was powerful to talk to someone with so much experience who’s holding down very healthy and important perspectives for the whole art community. In fact, I almost titled this episode “Dan Lam is Awesome,” (true story) because that was how I walked away feeling from our chat. I know you all are going to appreciate it as much as I did.


  • How + why beautiful work is often dismissed

  • Balance and self care

  • Destigmatizing psychedelics

  • Gatekeeping in the art community

  • Copying vs Influencing

  • Advice for artists starting out

  • much more!

Hot Headed, From "Supernatural" at Stephanie Chefas Projects

About Dan

Dan Lam’s work straddles the line between numerous dichotomies. By navigating the

realm between attraction and repulsion, organic and inanimate, seriousness and

playfulness, soft and hard, Lam conjures up her idiosyncratic vision. As a result, the

work strikes a deft balance between seemingly disparate concepts, subsequently

inspiring a range of emotions and ideas from the viewer.

Known for her bold and unique sculptures, she rose to popularity and prominence

through social media, particularly Instagram. Her body of work ranges from gallery

exhibitions to large scale installations to brand collaborations. She exhibits in the US

and internationally.

Lam was born in the Philippines while her family was immigrating from Vietnam to the

United States. She was raised in Texas where she received her Bachelor in Fine Arts

from the University of North Texas in 2010. She received her Masters in Fine Arts in

2014 from Arizona State University.

Lam currently resides and works in Dallas, TX, USA.


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“Playing to the Gallery” by Grayson Perry


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Sweatmeats Solo show at Hashimoto Contemporary, Photo by Shaun Roberts


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