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36. 5 Concerns Artists are Having Right Now + Strategic Ways to Approach Them

We're BACK and kicking off season four (finallyyyy!) with a discussion on the five main concerns I've been hearing about from artists recently. In having a lot of conversations with you all over the past month, there were some definite themes and struggles that came up on repeat. I wanted to put them all in one place so we could traverse the ground together and also to let you know: you're definitely not alone in these! In this episode where we cover a wide range of topics such as... How to understand your own work better and the three components of your work you should be able to identify What to do if you feel disconnected from what you're making or worried that it doesn't have meaning behind it All things talking, sharing and writing about your work. What is too personal? How can we come up with interesting things to say? A practice I recommend for when you feel "all over the place" Important ways to compartmentalize and structure your studio practice Different ways to connect with other artists and find creative community How to know when it's time to lean into the professional side of things or stay focused on developing your work A whole lot more!

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