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31. Licensing, Claiming the Artist Title + Finding Your Own Path | K’era Morgan

I love stories that showcase versatility in how humans find their way to art and make it their job. K’era is definitely one of those stories! Considering art her “second act,” she started with a career PR and later found her way to fine art, design and textiles. We get into what that journey has entailed, the practical side of licensing and getting her products into stores, owning the title of artist for herself and much more. I highly recommend this episode for that always-needed dose of “there’s no one right way to do it, there’s only your way.” Not to mention, if you’re interested in textiles, home decor and/or making functional products--you’ll learn a TON from K’era.

We talked about…

  • Her winding road from working PR to becoming a working artist

  • The power of PR, awareness and getting your work in front of people

  • The practical steps K’era took to get her products into stores

  • How K’era got into licensing and what she’s learned in the process

  • Claiming ownership over the title of “artist” + and balancing design and fine art in her brand

  • Advice for carving out your own artist route

  • Much more!


K’era is a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist who currently has a penchant for works on paper and a long term love affair with textile traditions from around the world.

In addition to her fine art practice, K’era collaborates with one of the few remaining American mills to transform her multi-media pieces into colorful woven throw blankets, pillows and tapestries made of 100% hand-dyed cotton for home interiors. K’era graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in textile design, though she spent a great deal of her professional career in public relations until recently returning to her artistic calling. Her collage paintings as well as her textile goods can be found in independent boutiques, private residences and art collections around the world. K’era regularly collaborates with interior designers, home-staging agencies and individuals to create one-of-kind creations. Some of her past collaborators include brands such as HERS, Revival Rugs, Saatchi Art and West Elm to name a few.

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