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27. Large-Scale Projects and Working with Art Consultants | Nicole Mueller

I’m super excited to get into the nitty gritty of navigating large-scale projects: from building the right portfolio and going after opportunities, to the process itself. This is all of particular interest for me because I’ve found that, beyond selling paintings to collectors, this aspect of being a working artist can seem especially mysterious.

I couldn’t have asked for a better guest to bring such honest and practical wisdom in this department than Nicole Mueller. I was introduced to Nicole by listening to the podcast that she co-hosts, Beyond the Studio (highly recommend) and have since admired her passion for open discussion about being a working artist and her vibrant paintings. She didn’t hold back any details! This is a highly informative conversation that I got a *ton* out of.

We talked about… -- The ins and outs of portfolio building

-- Getting opportunities for commissions, site specific installations and murals

-- The importance of being proactive and building relationships

-- What art consultants do, the benefits of connecting with them and how to find them


Nicole Mueller is a San Francisco, CA based visual artist. Her work includes large-scale paintings, murals, and installations that mimic the effects of stained glass. Driven by process, her abstract works are highly saturated, built with layers of collage-like shapes. Her work explores the complexity of color, states of flux, dichotomies within painting, the transitional nature of being, and the threshold between interior and exterior, the tangible and intangible.

Mueller earned her BFA in Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD in 2011. Her work has been exhibited in California, New York, and Maryland. She has been an artist-in-residence at ArtPoint (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco), the Vermont Studio Center, and Proyecto 'ace in Argentina.

She has completed public projects in collaboration with the City of Alameda, California Arts Council and Downtown Alameda Business Association, ArtSpan and the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, as well as commercial businesses throughout San Francisco. In 2017 she was the recipient of the Mark M. Glickman and Lanette M. McClure Artist Award for emerging artists in California.

Mueller is also co-host of Beyond the Studio, a podcast that interviews working contemporary artists about their professional practices. The podcast received an Alternative Exposure grant in 2017 from Southern Exposure in San Francisco, with support from Facebook's Artist-in-Residence Program and the Andy Warhol Foundation. Beyond the Studio is a cultural

partner of Art World Conference, and a fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media.

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