sweet collection



About the Series

This work is about embracing elements of pure pleasure: chunky texture, dreamy pastels, holographic details (those changing rainbow reflections make me think of heaven), and sweet, sweet desserts. 


My love for sweets is strong. Those know me would tell you it's an integral facet of my personality. When I was a kid, I would walk into Baskin Robbins and order a cup of rainbow sprinkles. Just the sprinkles.

But I think when we peer into sweetness on a level beyond the physical, there's something cosmic waiting for us, too. Sweetness as a portal to something bigger, if you will.

Being present with the first bites of a cupcake does that for me personally. So can the sparkle off the ocean. Speaking loving words. Breaking out into song a friend. And choosing to trust.


A handful of pieces in this series are what I'm thinking of as DNA, and are noted with "(dna)" at the end of their title.
These pieces started with the question: what if I split open one of these sweet little worlds? What would they be comprised of? What allows this to be possible? A nod to appreciating the divine micro that makes pleasure, and pretty much everything else, possible for us. 



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