Being You #2, 11 x 15 "

Being You (#2)


You can't be defined or boxed in. You are ever changing and full of range. It's time to embrace all of you-- your contradictions and complexity, your beauty and your uniqueness.




Acrylic, pastel, spray paint and charcoal on heavy-bodied paper. 



For this special collection of small works on paper, the channeled message that accompanies the piece will be written on the back along with the title, signature and date.


Pieces are sealed with a gloss varnish to protect from sunlight and fading colors. 


Each piece is intuitively created with delicate consideration, sensitivity and mindfulness. I believe each piece carries a specific energy, as well as a message to offer the receiver + viewer. I carefully select each title by tuning in to what the piece is saying. In this way, each piece carries so much more along with it then just the marks and colors.


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Although I do my best to represent the colors as closely to their true nature as possible, colors may vary from screen to screen.


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