Alive Here: My New Series of Works on Paper

I am thrilled to finally be sharing with you my new series of work titled, "Alive Here."

This series was a long process in the making.

I spent a lot of time toiling around in the studio, trying to uncover what wanted to come out. I made a lot of work (...I mean, a lot) that would not become part of this series in order to get where I needed to go. Probably the most "unused" work I've ever made.

In the midst of this toiling, I decided to take my creative qualms out of the studio. I headed for a short solo trip to Carmel and Big Sur on the central California coast.

I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew I wanted to feel...something.

To say the least, my days spent along gorgeous stretches of blue ocean and vibrant green hills shifted something inside me.

The beauty was humbling, and the experience was one of a lot of my own walls being broken down-- leaving exposed the gems I had been trying for months to uncover.

Not surprisingly, the message that awaited was about how we are being called to return home to the truth and magic waiting for us-- that which is often buried beneath the layers of our daily life--and how one of the most powerful pathways we have to get there is through spending time in wild nature.

"Alive Here" is about the way in which the natural world reflects our own inner beauty and purity back to us.

I see each piece in this series as a collaboration between my internal world and the natural world.

They tell the story of what happens when I bring my frustration to a hilltop, or my questions to the rushing river.

I see both, our internal world and the natural world, as rooted in magic and mystery. Truth and spirit.

They can recognize one another and, therefore, speak the same language.

In this way, nature guides us and heals us.

"Permission Given By The River" "Dancing On Cliffsides"

"Ocean, Heart, Harmony" "Alive Here"

Each piece is a depiction of the different ways our Being finds its way home in the presence of wild places.

A freeze frame of a feeling and a moment, translated into color, movement, shape and mark.

All pieces were either partly, or entirely, created in the presence of the natural element it's telling the story of.

This is why I feel like the marks came out more free than usual, the layers of color bigger and more shapely, capturing something more embodied and grounded, rather than mental or idea-based.

"Wildflowers and Hope" "Space To Be"

"The Land and Sea Are In A Long Term Relationship" "Soul Meets Sun Meets Water"

My hope with this work is that it ignites a similar "coming home" journey in the viewer; a recognition of the magic that lives beneath their own layers.

And maybe also just a small reminder that so much of our aliveness can be reconnected to by taking a deep inhale of fresh pine or gazing out at a shoreline.

"Waves Crash, and Celebrate" "Going Uphill, Meeting Yourself"

You can now shop all ten original pieces in the "Alive Here" series via The Handmade Pop-Up until April 30th.

**The Handmade Pop-Up has ended, but select pieces from this series are now availble as prints here.



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