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It's all to easy to become disconnected from our creative truth.

To loose sight of why we love to make art in the first place.

Comparison. Constant busyness.

The dire need to make "good" art and keep up with what we see everyone else doing. The critical voices that consume our process.


All these things pull us away from creating our heart's work. 


They they drain the spark from our art and leave us confused about what we even WANT to be putting out into the world.

How do we stay on track when the "should's" and the self-doubt take hold?


How do we stay free, connected and truthful in our process, instead of loosing our voice to all the noise?

We need to reset.


We need to reconnect.

We need to approach our process in ways that put our heart and truth on the forefront.

We need to take time for soulful art practices.



The Heart-Centered ART


I created this four week experience to give you everything you need to align with your most powerful truth in your art.


In our time together, you'll dive into new soulful approaches to making art and fresh inspiration to revolutionize your process. 

This is a time for you to reset and recenter.

To infuse your process with fresh energy + new approaches.

To gain confidence in how to create work that you feel truly connected to.

You'll gain tons of new tools for your creative toolbox,

explore art in a way that's heart-centered and FUN

and get to know yourself on a MUCH deeper level (as an artist and as a human ;) ).

By the end of this journey, you'll have tons of clarity on the how and what of what your heart wants to create, and excited and READY to make art that is totally from you and for you.  


  • Feel disconnected in your work or unclear about what's most powerful for you to focus on

  • Want to learn + explore soulful and therapeutic ways of making art (...in any style! I'll be demonstrating in abstract acrylic and mixed media, but these practices can be applied to however you might already work).

  • Would love to go deeper with your art and make it more YOU (if you have affinity for self-reflection and looking within, this is RIGHT up your alley)

  • Feel drained, burnt out or stagnant in your work and are ready to hit the creative reset button​. 

  • Want to start making art for the first time! This will be a great way to get started in a low-pressure, fun and soulful way. I'll provide you with some good starting ground for creating abstractly and working with acrylic.

  • Are in need of some self-care and want to fill up your cup with the healing power of ART

The Heart-Centered Art


Enroll now with one payment of $197

Or two payments of $110

LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS MONDAY, APRIL 22nd. The journey will begin on April 24th.


This is four weeks of juicy, creative content. Each week will include:

  • Video demonstration + instruction on two soulful art practices filmed in my studio. These are designed to help you develop your style and hone your creative process in a way that's true to you, and provide you with new, soulful ways of approaching your work.

  • Inspiring audio content (some weeks this might be a lesson or insight into the weekly topic, others a visualization or exercise!)

  • Prompts for deep-diving and self-reflection (these will fuel  + inform you process more than you can imagine)

  • A conversation with a special guest creative to get your wheels turning and inspiration flowing 

    • Featured guest artists include Meredith Bullock, Taylor Lee, Sara Schroeder, Lindsay King and more!​

  • A playlist to go with our week's theme and get you in the mood

  • Tons of fun bonuses-- technique videos, additional resources, conversations and more.

Week 1: Sink In


Presence. Showing up fully and fully engaging with whatever our current truth is. In this week we'll focus on how we can bring that to our process and use it in our work. You'll learn how to sink into an intuitive flow with ease and we'll work with pure color to play and express where we're at.

Week 2: Fill Up


This week is all about gaining inspiration and igniting that creative fire, but the ways we'll go about that might be different than you're used to. We'll work through some fun, nourishing practices that will help you get fresh ideas in totally new ways. Your creative sparks will be flying after this week. 

Week 3: Connect


Intimately knowing and connecting with ourself is the MOST important thing when it comes to bringing our truth to our work. Prepare for deep diving this week as we look within, ask ourselves big questions and use self-love as a tool in our art.


Week 4: Envision

This is where we'll dare to dream big. This is about owning our inner desires and giving them power by expressing them in big ways. There will be practices that center around risk and letting the visions we have for ourself be our guide. 


What materials will I need?


This will be totally up to you! These practices can be done in any medium. If you already have materials you're comfortable with and like-- use those! If you're brand new to making art and want to follow along with the materials I'll be using, you can reference the materials recommendations you'll receive upon signing up. This basically looks like handful of acrylic colors you're drawn to and other mixed media like markers or pastels.

What style of art will we be working in? My style is totally different than yours and/or I don't have a style because I'm brand new to making art.

l'll be demonstrating and teaching in an abstract, mixed media style, but you don't have to work the same way I do by any means. The emphasis will be more on prompts, practices and process rather than on technique. These practices can be applied to any style you might already work in (in fact, I encourage you to let these practices strengthen YOUR style and direction).


However, if you're new to making art, following along with the way I work is a great way to dip your toe in the water with abstract art! You'll learn a ton by watching my start-to-finish process and I'll provide you with enough basic technique to go on the journey.


I've taken Creativity Unleashed. Will I benefit from the Heart-Centered Art Journey?

Absolutely! These practices will give you new ways to play with everything you learned in the E-course. You may notice a very, very small amount of cross over in the content, but all in all these are totally fresh practices and inspiration to continue to fuel your creative journey.

How long do I have to complete the journey?

As long as you need and want! You get access to all the content for life.

What's your refund policy?

I offer a money back guarantee. If the course does not meet your expectations, I'm happy to offer a full refund up until after the first week of class, given you show that you've put the work in.

The Heart-Centered Art


Enroll now with one payment of $197

Or two payments of $110

LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS MONDAY, APRIL 22nd. The journey will begin on April 24th.


Hi there! I'm Devon.

Fine artist, educator, creative guide and beloved student of the creative process.

I've lead 10+ courses, workshops, mentorship programs and online experiences on the technical, business related and soulful aspects of making art and have been guiding artists toward achieving their highest expression (both on and off the canvas) since 2017.

I see making art as a teacher, healer and liberator and my mission is to guide artists in making their most powerful creative leaps, while finding new pieces of themselves along the way.

I'm here to offer you the tools, practices, encouragement and guidance along the journey of freeing yourself through art. To guide you toward creating the work you were meant to create.  

It's my absolute honor to be your guide on this journey and I can't wait to share this work with you.

The Heart-Centered Art


Enroll now with one payment of $197

Or two payments of $110

LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS MONDAY, APRIL 22nd. The journey will begin on April 24th.

Questions? Feel free to email me at devonleewalz@gmail.com

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