Hey there, Creative One.

Do you want to dive into abstract art in a soulful way,

and learn to create unique work that EXPRESSES YOU?

If you feel...

Inspired by the energy + emotion in the work of other artists,

but lost as to how to capture that kind of uniqueness yourself...


Ready to loosen up, move past stagnancy, and learn new tools...


Like you have so much that you want to express,

but don't know how to bring out on the canvas..






Our unique creative being is often buried deep beneath the surface--


Hidden behind how we think we "should" be creating,

The overwhelm of inspiration online,

And a lifetime of conditioning that told us we need to be something other than who we really are.


This can make it extremely difficult to create our best work. 


It leaves us scratching at the surface of our creative gifts, but feeling like we're not really getting anywhere profound or powerful.




The unique style you've been trying so hard to develop comes directly from infusing your work with YOU.

I'm speaking from experience here.


I went through  YEARS of  directionless work that wasn't really "me,"

along with stretches of frustration and serious self-doubt.

When I finally learned how to approach my work with the right tools, awareness and soulful approaches-- my art completely shifted. 


But it wasn't just my work that changed.



Creating in this way was healing.


I suddenly had access to so much more SPARK-- in my creative process and my life.


So, the question is...

How can we learn the tools + processes to help us liberate our true voice?

And how do we harness all of this creative magic that lives within?




Creativity  Unleashed



A  4-Week Journey Into Freedom, Healing, Self-Discovery

+ Creating Abstract Art That Expresses YOU


This Ecourse will provide you with a CLEAR + PRACTICAL roadmap to developing your  unique style-- in a soulful way.


Unlike other art courses, this course will not only teach you the practical tools

and techniques needed to create abstract art,  but it will teach you how to infuse your art with the energy that creates powerful work.

This journey is equal parts art-making (technique! tips! color explorations!)

and equal parts self-discovery.

Creativity Unleashed is designed to help you connect you at a deeper level-- to your art AND to yourself. 


"The deeper spiritual component was so enriching on both a personal level and a creative level. Learning to believe in and appreciate who I am as an artist rather than trying to be someone else was my biggest take away. I would recommend it as the best gift you could give yourself ….I left the course with so much more confidence and belief in myself, and have sold 10 paintings since I finished, therefore the course has paid for itself!

--Michelle Drougas

Creativity Unleashed



Last day to purchase is Tuesday, Nov 26th at Midnight PST


  • Provide you with the tools, processes and know-how to create abstract art in your own one-of-a-kind style

  • Teach you how to create art that expresses ENERGY and EMOTION (which is what draws people to your work and makes it uniquely yours)

  • Show you how to clear blocks + fears, loosen up and move past any stuckness in your work (aka HEALING)​​

  • Leave you with a deeper connection to yourself and therefore, to the art you create


“I had a bit of a question mark on what kind of art we would produce and if it was even possible to find my own voice when taking someone else’s course... So many teachers say they help you express YOUR creativity and when you look at student work there is so much reference to the teacher.

 I was looking for something that would truly let me explore my way of doing things, without any rules and this is totally what happened. The exercises were magic...The course truly is a rich offering and I learned A TON.”


--Ruth Krijah


  • Have been feeling the itch to begin your creative journey but don’t know where, or how to start

  • Are an artist at any level who wants to awaken the heart and soul in your art practice (aka you're ready for a total REFRESH).

  • Want to create art that evokes feeling and energy in your OWN voice (this tends to translate directly into sales if you're at the selling level)

  • Want to gain confidence in using acrylic paint + other media, as well as in creating abstract art.

  • Would love to be able to create more consistently and develop an art practice that makes you feel FREE 

This journey is for first-time painters + seasoned artists alike who are seeking to develop an abstract art practice that is deep, expansive and self-expressive and freeing.

Creativity Unleashed



Last day to purchase is Tuesday, Nov 26th at Midnight PST


What We'll Cover Together



You will:

  • Understand how to set the entire, soulful foundation for you art practice

  • Gain an understanding of what it means to work intuitively and learn how to harness your own intuition in the creative process

  • LOOSEN UP and get our of your head with some of my favorite painting practices

  • Learn to invoke presence, play and allowing into your art through various exercises. 

  • Dive into the world of color for personal expression


You will:

  • Build your visual, abstract language-- this gives you an abundance of inspiration and options to work with in your art

  • Learn to approach mark making and color choices in a way that is totally unique to you (hint: it has to do with feeling)

  • Explore your unique essence: get to know her with paint, journalling and self-reflection

  • Learn about how to use water in your work

  • Create an abstract work of art, start to finish, with your new language and the discoveries you've made


The more we face, explore and express that which needs healing, the more space we make for our truth and our joy to come through-- this is important. Prepare for big transformation in this week.


You will:

  • Identify and work through your biggest fears on the canvas (these are actually some of the most FUN painting exercises...and the most transformative)

  • Learn techniques for channeling emotions and turning them into art (the key to creating work that has LIFE)

  • Learn to capture specific experiences in an abstract way

  • "Plan" a piece while still creating from spontaneity and intuition

  • Explore new composition techniques


You will:

  • Do BIG creative explorations around your relationship to freedom

  • Integrate risk taking in your art

  • Create a large abstract piece, start to finish. All the way from the prep work and palette planning, to the messy middles and the final marks. 

  • Prepare to move forward in your journey: ground in your new process and learn how to take this material MUCH farther as your journey continues 

“If you are beginning your art journey and feel lost about who you are artistically, this is the course to take! I did not know if I had a style or what my voice was before this course. Little by little it came out and now I can definitely see it on my work!
-- Heather Campo

"I would highly recommend [Creativity Unleashed]. It has been a great course for helping me get past my creative blocks, for centering and gaining clarity around my intentions for making art...it has given me a new set of tools/techniques that I can use to explore further and I now look forward to getting down into the studio to paint again! ;-)"

-- Cynthia Garside


  • INSTANT ACCESS to four weeks of inspiring and growth promoting content...think creative exercises, demonstrations, technique lessons, and deep diving into the weekly topics.

  • High definition videos of the all of the painting exercises. I'll be walking you through along the way in my studio (with added insight ;) 

  • PDF guides filled with inspiration and education. Each week's guide includes journal prompts for reflection, inner work and self-discovery (which REALLY support your growth in your art practice).

  • Audio versions of the PDF guides for audio learners and long commuters :)

  • A private Facebook group where you can connect with the others who are walking this path with you, share what you're working on, ask questions and receive live support from myself. 

  • Two BONUS Conversations with other leading Creatives.

  • Two pre-recorded Q&A sessions from past sessions

  • Lifetime access to all the material  

Creativity Unleashed



Last day to purchase is Tuesday, Nov 26th at Midnight PST


Why abstract art?

Great question! This is actually something we will be exploring in the first week of the course. In short-- working abstractly is a great opportunity to be expressive + playful and it does not require a ton of knowledge about technique. Most importantly though, it's a wonderful way to express emotion, energy and essences-- which is what this course is all about! 

That being said, this course is about creating work that is true to YOU and developing YOUR language. You will be invited to work with more representational elements (or in any style you'd like) if that feels appropriate for you.

I've never painted or made art before. Is this course for me?

Yes! We will be covering the basic skills + knowledge needed to get you started on your soulful abstract art journey. You'll have all the know-how you need to  fully engage with all of the exercises. Also: being a beginner will give you a totally fresh and unhindered perspective as you work through each journey. It's a great place to be for this experience.

I'm an experienced abstract artist. Will I benefit from this course?

While there will be a few basic lessons that you may be able to skip, the bulk of this course is all about new ways to approach your work in order to get lively + honest results. This course is great to take if your wanting to move past a rut or expand in your work, as well as give you a more soulful approach to the practice you already have. No matter what level you're at, this course will help you shift upward.

My schedule is pretty jammed packed. How much time will I need to do this course and what if I can't keep up?

You're invited to complete this course in whatever way works for you. Completing all the art-making exercises, journal prompts, audio, etc. will likely take anywhere between 4-6 hours per week. They are set up so you can do them quickly or dive very deep into them depending on your schedule. And, you'll have lifetime access! 


I'm on a budget. What kind of materials are required for this course?

We will mainly be focused on working with acrylic paint (both fluid and heavy-bodied) with some other mixed media (pens, pastels, ink, markers, etc.), and we will work on both, paper and canvas. Upon sign-up, you will receive a detailed list of recommended materials. In short, a handful of acrylic paints, paintbrushes, a stack of watercolor paper (both large and small sized), a few small canvases and one large canvas will do the trick. You can be flexible with your material choices and there is totally a budget friendly way to do this! In fact, staying within your budget is important-- if your materials to feel too "precious," it will detract from your ability to let loose and play. Don't want to splurge on a large canvas? A large piece of cardboard will work just fine (been there!). 

What kind of physical space will I need?

A kitchen table, bedroom, garage, living room or full on art-studio are all great options (and are all options I have utilized at some point!). You will need an easel, table, wall or counter top where you can set up a large canvas or other large surface for the last week. I recommend a drop clothe or large piece of plastic if you need to protect your area from paint, particularly when working larger (these can be found at Walmart or home improvement stores for cheap). Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable. If that means working at a time/place where you can have privacy, please do so.

How does this Ecourse thing work?

When you purchase the course you will receive an email with welcome info, a list of materials and instructions on accessing the course home page where ALL four weeks of material will be ready and waiting for you to dig into at your own pace.

What is your refund policy?

I offer a money back guarantee. If the course does not meet your expectations, I'm happy to offer a full refund up until after the first week of class given you show that you've put the work in.

"To be 100% honest, I had worried that I paid too much for "yet another online art class."  Having finished the class, I can say with certainty that it is priced right.  The level of professionalism both in the online classroom and Facebook group blew me away.  I wasn't expecting each week to be so *full* of material...This class was very soulful and I really loved that about it."

--Jenn Potter

"The best part about taking this course is the ability to work around your schedule ... I love Devon's work and it has been wonderful observing her method. I have gleaned so much and not just about making a painting  but learning about myself as well."

-- Julie Wolfgram


Hi! I'm Devon.

Abstract artist, creative guide and

true believer in the liberating + healing power of art.

I see a lot of people who feel stuck inside themselves. They know they have more to express-- but they don't know how to access it. And, in this online world of never-ending inspiration, I see a lot of artists struggling to bring their unique + vibrant self to the canvas. 

At some point their voice was silenced and their spontaneous + heart-driven inclinations were discouraged. 

Overtime, their unique spark went dormant.

I know because I was one of them. 

What I wish I had during this long and messy process of unleashing my true voice was guidance. Someone to show me the way and to provide me with a roadmap.


I could've come to all this so much faster, with much less confusion and frustration, if I wasn't feeling around in the dark for so many years.

That is what I bring to you now with Creativity Unleashed.

I'm here to offer you the tools, practices, encouragement and guidance along the journey of freeing yourself through the practice of art. I'm here to show you how to uncover and liberate this soulful essence that lives inside you and create the work you were meant to create.  

I'm so happy you're here. I can't wait to share this work with you.

“I'm so glad I didn't do art school and instead found you, Devon. This course is exactly the exploration I was missing... There are beautiful self explorations, insightful tips on technique and composition and on navigating the creative process. It's a healing journey and an art course and also, for me, it was what finally put me into the space of making art MY way, with MY reasons, and lots of it. This is freedom.

--Ruth Krija

Creativity Unleashed



Last day to purchase is Tuesday, Nov 26th at Midnight PST

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