CUSTOM  Energy


Custom Energy Paintings are a collaboration between you, me and the magical unseen. 

Maybe you're going through a transition.

Or you're in a period of deep processing and healing.

Maybe you're ready to call in something specific like a career shift, support system or a new living space.  

Or you simply want to experience more love and joy.

Where ever you're at on your journey, living with a custom energy painting is a powerful way integrate the energy you want to experience or that you'd could serve to assist you at this time.

Trust. Openness. Courage. Surrender. Self-Love. Abundance. Safety. Empowerment. Kindness.

By living with the energy in its physical art form, it energy has a chance to work through you.


To reveal guidance over time. To remind you that you're on the right path.  

This is what I offer to you with these uniquely created, living, breathing energy paintings.



1. Select the energy you'd like to invite in, or that would be helpful for you at this time. 


If you're unsure of what that might be we'll schedule a call to discuss it. You can also write me a bit about where you're at in life and I'll intuitively work from there, channeling whatever would best assist you.

2. Show me 2-3 pieces or IG photos of mine that you love (or leave it open)

3. Show me 2-3 colors you love (or leave it open)

4. I'll create your custom energy piece. As an intuitive painter, my process is one in which I'll spend time tuning into you and the energy you'd like to bring in. I'll create your piece by holding that intention and allowing it to guide me throughout the process.


Pieces are done on canvas and completed in 2-3 weeks from your order date.


(availability limited)

If you'd like to talk energies, set up a discussion call or arrange for a custom size please email me at



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