From Here to Nowhere, 2020

solo exhibition with Aquila Projects, Irvine, CA


select works

From Here to Nowhere is a series of mixed media paintings, created against the background of COVID-19. The early months of the pandemic had me in a state of yearning- more than usual

The exhibition is composed of what I view as two parts:
The yearning and perhaps fixation on an idyllic "place" that we feel, but can't quite imagine.
And the confronting process of bringing such a place into view. 

Inspired by fictional lands of abundance and bliss, I thought a lot about my ideas of heaven as a child or what I would consider to be a divine paradise now.
 I found myself reminiscing on the idea of place much more than I have in previous work; but a kind of place that can't be visited here (at least, in the conventional sense).

After creating pieces based on the former, I found myself asking what bridges the seemingly massive gap between A to B? From where we are, to somewhere desirable and almost unimaginable?


By way of obstructed elements, winding pathways and textured bumps in the road, these newly completed pieces answer that question with: the journey and the work.

I'd like to add that while these pieces do speak to a kind of uncomfortable grappling, they're also about sanctity and rightful order. You'll notice the repetitive use of crystals, light gradients, heavy use of pink and purple and even glitter in these works. I think this speaks to the wisdom, innocence and guidance that are the cornerstones of this journey.

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