Group Mentorship

An Intimate Four Month Program + Online Course

Do you want to get your work into the world in a way that's professional, profitable and feels GOOD for you as the artist?


I created this program just for you.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been on a journey to discover what we need-- as devoted, inspired, yet sensitive and often empathic artists -- to thrive in business and in the world. 


The force, the hustle and the cookie cutter templates simply don’t work for us.


I’ve benefited tons from all the info out there on how to do creative business. 


But I’ve been longing to see that kind of information married with the OTHER side of what allows us to flourish as ARTISTS: 


The art of holding a vision. 

Cultivating confidence in our creative purpose.

Identifying what strategies will work for our art and our personality...and which ones won’t.


In addition to informed business strategy and guidance on the bigger questions we need to explore, do you know what else we REALLY need? 


We need to have our strengths mirrored back to us.

We need personalized support from experienced mentors and loving peers.


Basically, we need to NOT be doing this thing in a vacuum.

These are the things that have made the difference when it comes to consistently selling my work in profitable AND aligned ways. Not to mention to feeling SOLID in who I am as an artist. 


I created this program so you could have on-point business strategy, soulful deep diving, passionate community AND personalized mentorship all in one place, working TOGETHER. 

THE ART BIZ ROADMAP is an intimate group mentorship program + learning experience for blossoming artists who care about doing things in a way that’s true + aligned for THEM and THEIR art.


Who want grow their presence, and to get their work in the hands of collectors and spaces who adore it and will pay to support it. 



You're a perfect fit for this experience if you are... 

a passion-driven artist or maker with an entrepreneurial spirit, big desire in your heart, devotion to your craft and an openness to doing things differently

Semi-familiar with the basics of being in business (website, newsletters, social media, etc.), but are craving actionable steps and big picture strategy when it comes to making it work for you

Asking yourself questions 

Craving clarity on who you are as an artist + the purpose, meaning and message behind what you create


your big vision, immediate direction and a practical (but easeful and feel-good) action plan

Maybe in need of a dose of: confidence, self-trust, consistence action, permission and/or belief that you can really do this




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